Little Creators

30 months to 40 months


In the ‘Little Creators’ room we provide all the essentials for the inquisitive, active two and three year olds. We ensure children are able to enjoy and develop by providing access to the activities they like to do and find interesting.

The ‘Little Creators’ room is the latest addition to First Steps Nursery, being refurbished and open from January 2016.

A wide range of exciting activities are on offer in our dedicated areas, such as role-play, construction, reading and craft, with an emphasis firmly on education through play.
Our Early Years Practitioners are dedicated to ensuring all children develop key skills to set them on the road for their future years.

A combination of planned and spontaneous activities are implemented to stretch our children’s abilities, along with a record of achievement kept and shared with parent and guardians through our iconnect system.  Children have the opportunity to lead their own activities as well as join in with adult led ones to ensure a balance curriculum is provided.

... Inspiring, Educating, Developing!
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