'Children have many opportunities to engage in physical activities and learn about the world. They are eager to play and learn and thoroughly enjoy their time exploring the different areas of the nursery garden.'

(Ofsted, June 2018)

The children within all the nursery rooms have access to our large outdoor play space. Secured to the highest standard with perimeter fencing with no direct public access. The ideal play space has been purposefully designed to promote learning through the freedom and challenges only open space and natural experiences can provide.
Children are stimulated through a range of sensory activities and physical play opportunities. 

Children have full access to:

Tailor‑made climbing equipment – including tunnels, climbing tower and bridge, tyres and ramps.
Large construction area, comprising of tyre sandpits and wooden construction material.
Wigloo dens

Role play structures

Water area, including various pipes and equipment for children to explore

Creative area
Mud kitchen

Small world jungle area

Large playground area, complete with road markings and parking spaces

Mark making areas

Planting garden

Sensory garden

Take a sneak peak at

our outdoor space!

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