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ParentZone is a smartphone app for parents that we use here at First Steps Nursery to keep you up to date. You’ll get instant updates about your child’s activities and achievements, sent straight to your phone, so you’ll never miss an important moment again.

From your app you can see how your child is developing by viewing their observations and assessments as soon as they are published. You can see a list of communications that we’ve sent out, like newsletters and notices, and you can even view and pay your nursery fees from your phone.


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What is ParentZone?

ParentZone is a smartphone app that brings you closer to your child’s development in nursery.
You can view a timeline of their day, photos, videos and notes on their daily activities, as well as book extra sessions, pay invoices and update contact information – all from your phone.

How do I get ParentZone?

You can download the app for iOS or Android on the App Store or Google Play. You can also access ParentZone online at

How do I get a log in?

Access is by invitation only. Provide us with an up-to-date email address and we’ll send you an email to activate your account. Then follow the link to create your unique ParentZone log in.

Can I Change My Password and Details?

It’s easy to change your password and even add security questions for extra security. We suggest you change your password every three months to make it even more secure. You can edit any of your details on the profile screen, such as your address and contact details. This will immediately update us with any changes.

Can I see my bill on ParentZone?

You can view invoices and make payments from the ‘Finance’ tab. You can also email invoices to yourself by selecting them from the ‘Communication’s tab.

How do I make payments?

The ‘Finance’ tab shows any outstanding balance. Simply type in the amount you want to pay and select ‘Make a Payment’. You will then be prompted to enter your card details.

What is a ‘Day In The Life Report’?

A Day In The Life Report shows you an overview of your child’s day at nursery. You will see their sleep times, nappy changes and meals, as well as any accidents and observations that have taken place that day.

How do I get a Day In The Life Report?

From the ParentZone home screen, select ‘Day In The Life Report’, which you will find underneath your child’s photo. Then select your chosen dates and the report will be emailed to your registered address.

How safe is my data?

All data on ParentZone is protected by a 256-bit, Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate. Typically, your Internet banking will have 128-bit security, so ParentZone is twice as secure.

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