Meet our Manager

Hello, my name is Katherine and I am the Nursery Manager here at First Steps Nursery.

I began working here in February 2014 after managing another setting and have loved my time here!

My childcare journey began in 2006 when I began my teaching training and trained for four years to receive my Qualified Teacher Status. During this time I worked with all different aged children but identified my passion for Early Years. I began working more and more in early years settings and soon built my way up to management gaining lots of experience along the way. This was when I decided to increase my knowledge further and also trained as an Early Years Professional.

Since moving to First Steps over five years ago I have continued to enjoy working in early years and love how every day is different!

I now have two young children of my own who also attend First Steps which allows me to see the setting from a parents point of view as well as a professionals.

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