Small Discoverers

24 months to 36 months

In our Small Discoverers room we implement The Early Years Foundation Stage - a document that provides information and guidance for childcare workers. It values babies and young children and recognizes individuality and their achievements. With the help of our iconnect we produce your child's learning journey, where we relate the children's work, comments and achievements to quotes from the curriculum.

Weekly planning, which is derived from the children’s next steps for learning and their personal interests is available for parents to view at all times. The children have ‘ownership’ over what they are learning and are then motivated to explore all activities, toys, games and experiences to their full potential.


Between the ages of 2 – 3 years, we will complete a progress check on your child in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance.  This information will be shared with you and will enable us all to help your child learn and develop in the best possible way.


We also provide a wide range of stimulating toys to encourage their development and imagination. We have a home corner, which changes from a home to hairdressers and even to a fire station. If a child has a particular interest we will adapt the area to support this.


We provide a range of craft activities such as painting, drawing, chalking, sticking and support the children as they learn to hold and use pens, pencils and other writing materials.

We also enjoy exploring a wide variety of things in our messy area, we use different items to explore ranging from gloop, play dough, baked beans, water, sand, cereal and anything else the children show an interest in! These activities encourage the development of the children’s exploration and personal, social and emotional development.

We have a comfy area, which has a range of stories to share, blankets and large cushions to snuggle on. 

... Inspiring, Educating, Developing!
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